Hi! I'm Sami

If you didn't read my little blurb on the home page, here's a recap! I'm a UNL alum who works a full-time 9-5 at Four Sisters Boutique as a Brand Strategist. I have a passion and drive for making others feel beautiful and capturing split-second moments that you can look back on and cherish for a lifetime to come! I am obsessed with granitas from The Mill and if you ask me on a coffee date you better know dang well that's where I'll be taking us!

your new biggest fan + greatest hypewoman

What you can expect from me?

Candid and authentic moments of you during a pivotal moment in your life! Whether it's senior photos or your wedding, I want to capture all the belly laughs, overwhelming joy, reception WAP dances, and hugs from loved ones after saying "I DO"! I want to be there for it all and to help you every step along the way to make your experience with me unforgettable! Most of all, I want to be more than a photographer, but also a friend to you! I want you to be comfortable around me and trust that I will capture you in the best way!



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My Favorite Things


So obsessed with my family, my rocks! My sister is the smartie pants of the house and is now going to nursing school after getting her masters in Criminal justice. Hank is always off doing something sporty like golf, snowboarding, or snowmobiling (Dad's favorite winter activity). Not sure what my dad's been up to the past few years when he's not working because he doesn't have my softball team to coach. And mom, the most humble hardworking women I know is working with special needs kids at transition plus! 

Food definitely makes the list for one of my favorite things. I still to this day consider ice cream my favorite food. So I suppose that's why I had 72 gelato's while abroad last summer!

the fam bam
food food food
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I have been in love with traveling since family trips as a kid. I love the outdoors, trying new things, and studying abroad for 3 months in Italy had me hooked. Since then, my favorite trips have been to Florida with my family and UT with one of my best friends. Photography + traveling = the best combo ever! I think Katie Shaw my study abroad bestie can confirm I've never loved photographing places more than every city I visited in Europe.