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I'm so glad you're here 

Hey, I'm Sami! I am a 2021 UNL grad & I started my part-time photography business in 2020 (during a pandemic, smart I know). When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me working at Four Sisters Boutique, editing in a coffee shop, or traveling the world... well usually just home to MN to visit family, but one can dream right!




my first love

landscape photography

I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs of people, but my first love was landscape photography! After I got my first camera for high school graduation, I took it everywhere with me. I loved photographing sunsets, architecture, and new places. My favorite photos have been taken on trips with friends and studying abroad in Florence, my second home.  


Lauren + Jake

We were so blessed to have been able to meet Sami and get to work with her so much.  I have said this so many times, but this girl doesn’t know what she’s worth!  Her work is stunning. 


Most wedding photographers take MONTHS at minimum to get wedding photos back. Sami said NO!  She got us a sneak peek of our pictures while we were still on our honeymoon!  Then within weeks of our wedding, we had the entire album of over 600 pictures.  I know Sami will forever have a special place in our hearts, and I truly do think about all of the effort she put into making every single picture special and intentional for us.


I saw a picture that Sami had taken of a friend of mine, and I knew right away that I wanted that artist to help capture our very special day.  It was refreshing to know that Sami is someone whom I don’t have to hesitate when I need to ask a question.  We set up a time to take engagement pictures and I saw how easy it was to communicate with her.  She is seriously a friend to both of us.  We felt totally comfortable with her right from the start, and after that first photo shoot, we knew how lucky we would be if she did our wedding photos!


I felt completely comfortable inviting her into my home, where we got ready for the wedding.  She was not someone who limited her job to just photography.  On the wedding day, she was helping us hold our rings, flowers, and body tape for my dress.  Sami is someone who has a big heart and simply wants things to be perfect for everyone else.  Her help was so much more than just her job as the photographer.  She told me that if I needed help with anything she would be there for me, and I definitely felt that way.

Sami is so talented when it comes to what her job as a photographer is.  She had me prepare ahead of time for things that I would have never even thought of.   When we were doing group photos, it was all easy going because Sami knew what to do.  She is so good with directing people to come to pictures, to step out of pictures, and how to arrange us. 

 "Her help was so much more than just her job as the photographer."

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